Persona: The aspect of someone’s character that is presented to or perceived by others.


Raw: Inspired by the Japanese aesthetic and phylosophy of Wabi-Sabi where beauty is described as imperfect, imcomplete and impermanent. The Raw collection pays homage to the simplicity and modesty of traditional Japanese design in a modernist form.


Sanguine: Inspired by the power of positivity, constancy & repetition, Sanguine channels the dynamic & feminine silhouettes of Thiery Mugler. Sleek forms and di used textures are bold and brave whilst a condensed colour pallet of blood- red, black and blonde reveal accents of opposing colours through partings & fringes.


Filter: Filter looks at the modern reformation of the 1960’s and 70’s, the counter-culture generation which turned a decade upside down. The optimism of the space-age generation and the futuristic visions of Courreges & Paco Rabanne, Modernist lines and free-form colour culminate to deliver cool, clean wearable shapes.


Inspired by the concept of ‘Architecture on a Human Scale’ and the innovations of Parametric design.


The dual elements of Decoded & Spirit combine to produce a innovative collection which turns hair – on it’s head!


Code takes us into the darkness and delivers an altogether stronger perspective.


Inspired by the ideas of discipline, structure and restraint. Explores the imagery of The Samurai and ancient Eastern Arts..


Inspired by collaboration, Saco Academy and X-Presion Creativos are proud to present a fashion forward perspective.

Collection X

Inspired by the clean-cut minimalist lines and industrial mood which emerged in European fashion through the early 1990’s.


Inspired by the irreverent lines of architect Oscar Niemeyer, Curve celebrates timeless beauty.


Designed to illustrate a purity of shape and discipline. Primary is inspired by the ‘New Wave’ movement.


Inspired by 1970’s iconic design and Commedia dell’ Arte character, Pierrot.


Inspired by the minimalist art of Donald Judd and the conceptual designs of Hussein Chalayan.


Inspired by John Willies ‘Bizarre Magazine’ and the subversive nature of Britains Victorian era.

New order

Inspired by the work of graphic designer Peter Saville and the photographs of Nick Knight.


Inspired by New York’s, new wave heroines Edie Sedgwick, Debbie Harry and Karen O.


Inspired by the “Hard Boiled Heroines” of Film Noir and intense solitude of painter Edward Hopper’s work.