Spectre Collection

SPECTRE: Inspired by the spirit of collaboration, Saco Academy and X-Presion Creativos are proud to present a fashion forward perspective on dressing, cut and colour for 2013.

Spectre. Spectrum. Espectro.

Encompassing all elements of hairdressing and utilising the full spectrum of colour, this collaboration delivers a fresh take on balance, texture, shape and volume. Working together over a period of 12 months, both teams have developed a concise and complimentary collection which the teams will present together throughout 2013.

Hair: Saco Creative Team & X-Presion Creativos
Photography: Gustavo Lopez Manas
Make-up: Abigail Johnson
Clothing: Nafisa Tosh

For more information on Saco collections, events & products email:

Rebecca McCosh: rebecca@alisonjamesonpr.com